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What's up SCRATCH Athletes!


First thing I have, is I want to congratulate the many athletes that are just wrapping up the 28 Day Challenge 2.0!

These athletes absolutely crushed it this last month!

Many of them will now be joining the SCRATCH Community full time... their energy, work ethic and presence will lift our growing community and I can't wait to welcome them in!!


I want to give a major shout out to SCRATCH Athlete KJ who did something legendary earlier this week.

Making birdie is hard enough, but doing it off a frozen lake... c'mon now!!

Check it out below.


It's February... golf season is coming.

The PGA tour is at Pebble, last week was Torrey.

My golf energy (and hopefully yours too) is full go at this point... but yet, there's snow on the ground.

Let's channel that energy towards something that will lift our games!

If you have already joined a SCRATCH program for the month, keep working hard!

If you haven't yet, find the right one for you below or reach out and I'll help guide.

Video of the Week

The glutes are an important muscle within the body and within your golf swing.

Let's train them correctly.

Article of the Week

Ground reaction forces are a hot topic these days!

However, getting them into your swing is a little trickier than simply "getting stronger."

Read more below!

ARTICLE: Higher Ground Reaction Forces... HIT BOMBS

Keep working hard!

Keep bringing energy!

Keep working towards those goals... the season is coming!

Let's go low.

Carter Schmitz, CSCS, TPI






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