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SCRATCH GOLF TRAINING... Accessible, Effective, and Educational.




Three central goals of SCRATCH Golf Training are to make golf fitness:








I want this to be a community accessible to everybody...

It's 30 bucks a month, with a 7 day FREE trial.

I believe that ALL golfers should be training and growing their levels of fitness, and I don't want price to be a barrier of entry.

Furthermore, we worked hard to create an app and mobile platform that allows you to take SCRATCH with you everywhere!





Here's a few quotes from SCRATCH Athletes...

"My back hasn't felt this good in a long time." ~ LT

"I now show little to no fatigue after the round as a 55 year old man." ~ CP

"My flexibility, shoulder mobility, and hip rotation, especially the ability to rotate faster is improving!" ~ JD

At SCRATCH, we work to uncover the ATHLETE WITHIN YOU!

We aren't doing clam shells and light band exercises.

We work together to uncover ATHLETICISM.

We lift. We jump. We throw. We run. We work hard.

We promote effective training methods and principles.

As a coach, it is a value of mine to continually be improving and growing.

I'm not perfect. Honestly, pretty far from it!

This community seeks to grow together, side-by-side.

Let's keep climbing our mountain!





I want to help you understand the WHYs behind what we are doing here at SCRATCH.

Yes, I'll tell you WHAT and HOW.

But, truly uncovering athleticism requires an athlete understanding WHY a certain exercise is being programmed in order to complete it with the proper mindset and attitude.

For example, the exercise shown below is a single leg broad jump.

I could simply say, "jump sideways."

But it's more than that.

We need to be EXPLOSIVE if we want to tap into power adaptations, which is the goal!

As I explain in the video, I need you to land on two legs because by doing so you will worry less about the stability of your landing, and more on the power production of the jump.

Learn WHY, not just WHAT and HOW.

Lastly, there is a lot of garbage out there in the golf fitness world.

I work hard to provide content that breaks myths that exist in the golf industry.

So many sayings have just been handed down over and over and never questioned...

"Drive for show, putt for dough." ~ Pretty much 100% false.

"Your spine should resist movement, not create it." ~ Lie.

"Posture is a crucial element of performing on the golf course." ~ Nope, not all that important.





If you want a golf fitness and training program that accomplishes these three things...

[1.] Accessible.

[2.] Effective.

[3.] Educational.

Then let's get to work.

The most athletic you, is just around the corner!

Carter Schmitz, CSCS, TPI








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