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Setting up an Internal Environment to Succeed on the Golf Course...

After you have a good round of golf, or even hit a good golf shot, what happens?

We feel good.

We have this feeling of satisfaction, of pride, of joy.

What happens when we hit a bad shot? Or wrap up a round of golf 10 strokes over where we like to be?

We feel bad.

We have this feeling of despair, of sadness, of mediocrity.

Let's flip these ideas upside down.

Instead of letting our golf game determine our emotional and physical state, we need to be in control of our emotional and physical state.


If you are on a roller coaster of emotion, ups and downs over the course of a round... you are probably going to end up disappointed more often than not.

Golf is a hard game.

And, remember, our emotions aren't simply what we show externally.

It's what's internal.

How are you internalizing bad shots?

Do you feel embarrassed? Do you feel let down? Do you feel despair?

You shouldn't.

They happen to everybody.

Remember, you control the emotional response you give to a bad shot.

And, here's the thing, if you played that same "bad" round of golf with a better attitude, there is a chance that you walk away remembering the great shots, remembering the conversation with your partners, feeling delighted.

It's like that saying - Do you see the glass half full or half empty?

Do you see your 88 as a positive or negative?

The 88 isn't going to change... just your perception of it.

We control our emotions. We can set up our emotional environment to promote success on the golf course.

Or we can just let them ride the roller coaster of good and bad shots for 4.5 hours.




One tip I put into play a long time ago...

One of the best pieces of advice I got from my high school coach while competing was to ask myself this simple question before stepping on the course...

"What am I grateful for today?"

Meditating over this simple question for 60 seconds sets up our feelings and our emotions for success before we even step on the golf course.

We are actively creating this emotional environment to succeed on the course. To take in the sights and smells, to converse with your partners, to be present. To be grateful.

We can still appreciate the good shots, and loathe the bad ones, but remember that you are the only person that determines your attitude over the course of a round.

If you disapprove of yourself after a bad shot... how do you think future shots are going to go?

It's not rocket science.


This is what we do at SCRATCH.

We prepare ourselves physically.

Being physically prepared for a round of golf requires two important keys:

  1. Proactive training

  2. Warm-Up

Proactive training is a much more long-term solution.

It's asking the question, what have I done in the last year to prepare my body for this round?

Hopefully you've been on one of them SCRATCH Golf Training Programs!

The second key takes a short-term approach... what have I done TODAY to prepare for this round of golf?

Hopefully you hit a good warm-up before heading to the course. Find 18 good ones HERE - exclusive to SCRATCH Athletes.



Succeeding on the golf course isn't easy.

Which is why we should be doing everything in our power to set ourselves up for success.

And we should also be managing our expectations when we step on the course.

The two biggest ways we create a healthy internal environment is through our emotions and our physicality.

Prepare your emotional state and then be aware of it over the course of a round.

Prepare your body physically, giving it the tools to succeed on the golf course.

Let's go low.

Carter Schmitz