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Should Golfers do CrossFit?

In short, probably not.

But it's not that simple.

Quick disclaimer... Every CrossFit gym/coach is different.

Some coaches are awesome.

Some not so much.

Some gyms program athletes in very beneficial ways.

Some not so much.

This article represents generalized thoughts about my experiences with CrossFit.

My Experiences with CrossFit

I was a "crossfitter" for ~6 months.

I was doing the WODs, the Murph, the Fran, and whatever other crossfit workout I could find or create.

At the time, I loved it.

It pushed my training to a new level of intensity.

It, in part, made me fall in love with fitness and the gym.

I loved the high after a grueling workout or the burn during it.

I thought I was the hardest worker in the gym because of how much I was crushing myself.

But, it didn't last very long. </