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Stretching vs. Mobility... Which is BEST for GOLFERS?

Static stretching is very different than dynamic mobility.

At SCRATCH, we will make use of both within our golf fitness programming.

Very rarely in this world are things simply one or the other, as is the case here.

That being said, in my opinion, a golfers training should focus much more on the DYNAMIC MOBILITY end of this spectrum, as compared to the static stretching end.

This article is not written with the purpose of disparaging all static stretching.

I simply want to clarify what it does and does not provide for our movement abilities.

If you enjoy static stretching and think it feels good, keep at it.




Article Summary:

  • Let's start out by debunking the notion that static stretching offers a ton of athletic significance.

  • Then we'll talk about what TRUE MOBILITY is.

  • Then we'll circle back and I'll toss ya 3 mobility exercises that are WAY better than any static stretching exercise you find on a "golf fitness" page.

Here we go...

Static Stretching, relative to other mobility drills/exercises/training methods, SUCKS

It just doesn't offer much value relative to other forms of activity.

It's not going to hurt you or negatively impact your athletic abilities... but there are better options out there in my opinion.