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The Best Exercise No Golfer is Doing...

When was the last time you sprinted?

Like actually, tried to get from A to B as FAST AS POSSIBLE?

Based on conversations I’ve had with golfers, it appears this training tool doesn’t exist in the industry.

Let's change that.




Why should you sprint?

There probably isn’t a better form of maximal power output than sprinting.

While sprinting, you are:

  • Working joints and muscular contractions at maximal velocities.

  • Creating massive amounts of force… Upwards of 5 times your bodyweight

  • Increasing tendon stiffness (which is great for highly powerful activities, like your golf swing)

  • Increasing high speed motor control and coordination




What should a sprinting workout look like?

Step 1: Go to a local field/park/track.

Step 2: Thorough warm-up.

Step 3: Complete a second warm-up because I doubt your first one was thorough enough (see below where I expand on this)

Step 4: Complete the sprint workout

Example Sprint Workout:

Warm-Up (see below)

3 Rounds:

1a: 50 yard build up to 100%

1b: 3 Broad Jumps

1c: Rest 3 minutes

3 Rounds:

2a: Flying 10s… just 1 of em

2b: Skater Jumps… x3 each side

2c: Rest 3 minutes

3a: Call it a day

Why two warm-ups?

Well, you don’t have to actually do two warm-ups, I am just exaggerating the importance of warming up.

By the end of your warm-up you should be breathing heavy. You should be sweating. You should feel, to a degree, fatigued.

When you are completing a sprinting workout, especially if you haven’t completed one in a while, a warm-up is going to be the key that makes it both a safe and effective session.

Example warm-up:

  • Walking Lunges… 2x20 yards

  • Single Leg RDLs… 2x10e

  • Toe Walks… 2x20 yards

  • Heel Walks… 2x20 yards

  • Skipping… 2x20 yards

  • Carioca… 2x20 yards

  • High Knees… 2x20 yards

  • Speed Shuffles… 2x10 yards e

  • Build ups… 5x50 yards (first @ 50%, 2nd @ 60%, 3rd @ 70%, 4th @ 80%, 5th @ 90%)


  • Sprint more in training… once a week at least, especially in the winter and spring

  • Warm-up THOROUGHLY

  • Take plenty of rest time in between sprints. 3 minutes minimum!

  • Probably 5-10 max sprints per session… never maintain 100% for more than 20 yards

  • Include many build ups where you take 20-30 yards to build to 100%, then maintain that for a certain amount of yards

  • Enjoy!

Carter Schmitz, CSCS, TPI







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