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The Best Fitness Exercises for Golfers

Hate to break it to you... there is not a singular, or group of exercises that is "best for golfers."

However, there are TONS of great exercises you should be doing on a regular basis to maximize your performance on and off the golf course... but these exercises aren't very different from the one's I give my football athletes, my wrestlers, or my baseball athletes.

So, as a golfer, what exercises should you be doing in the weight room in order to maximize clubhead speed and increase pain-free performance on the course?

Why should golfer's be exercising?

Before breaking down the exercises you as a golfer should be completing, we first need to understand WHY you should even exercise.

While there are many reasons to exercise, the three central ones I believe are:

1.) Injury and Pain Resilience

Through exercising, we make our bodies stronger.

We improve joint stability, mobility, and function.

All of which will help prevent future injuries and pain.

2.) More SPEED

By exercising, golfers can improve their body's ability to produce force and velocity.

When expressed in a golf swing, this can lead to more distance!