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The Dark Side of Technology in Golf

I posed this question recently, and I want to flush out some thoughts I have regarding it.




An athlete’s ability to collect and perceive information from their environment and use it to produce motor solutions that complete a given task is imperative to success.

Sport is much more than simply the physical movement you produce.

How do we control that movement?

How do we provide ourselves feedback and adapt within our movement?

How do we decide (consciously or subconsciously) which movements to undertake?

Where do we place our attention while completing a movement?

There are so many deeper questions that reside outside of the physical movement that our body is creating.

The best athletes in the world are the most adaptable ones, meaning, they can produce motor solutions to tasks no matter the environment they find themselves within.

Being the case, the most important part of navigating and solving different environments (i.e. succeeding on the golf course) is being able to accurately perceive and collect information from it that you will use to produce motor patterns.