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The Most Common Problem Golfers Need to Solve + THE SOLUTION!

One reason that I love the sport of golf is that EVERYBODY that plays, wants to get better at it.

It's this oddly addicting sport.

We know how good we can be, and we strive to achieve that level, whatever it may be.

For me, I know I can be a 70s golfer... but yet, I hover the in the low 80s.

In my time working with golf athletes, and also looping for hundreds over at Erin Hills, there is one common problem I've seen amongst golfers that I believe is the leading culprit of bad golf.

THE PROBLEM: General Humanly Function.

Now, I will admit, I am very biased as a strength and conditioning / fitness coach...

It's like that old saying, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

But, allow me to explain.

90% of the golfers I caddie for daily, can't complete a full range of motion squat, struggle to walk 18 holes (guaranteed, Erin Hills isn't a breezy walk), and probably could complete half of a push up.

High level performance in sport, no matter which one you choose to play, starts with having a functioning and healthy human body.

Health underlies everything that we do.

I'm not even talking about moving a joint through a full range of motion or having the strength to create clubhead speed.

I'm referring to simply being able to complete basic human activities that we are designed to do...