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The Three E's You Must have to GROW your Golf Mobility

Explore. Expose. Expand.

In order to truly build a usable mobility, one that contributes to our more holistic movement potential, we need to go through this process of exploration > exposure > expansion.


We need to search for our limits in movement.

We need to EXPLORE our movement potential.

We need to hit up against those limits that are currently in place, in order to push them outwards.


- Squat AS DEEP AS YOU CAN... and then squat deeper.

- Quadruped Hip Circles... Push the limits of the range of that movement

- Cat-Cow Variations... Move that spine through LARGE RANGES.


By completing this exploration process, we will uncover weak positions and movements, as well as where a greater motor potential exists. We will stress our movement system in new ways... exposing it to novel stimuli.


And finally, within this process of exploration and exposure, we will expand what our movement can do. We will uncover new limits, new potential, and prepare ourselves to do it all again!

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Carter Schmitz, CSCS, TPI

Founder: SCRATCH Golf Training










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