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The Three NECESSARY Ingredients of Post-Round Recovery

Foam roll?


Massage gun?

Hyperice leg sleeve things?

I've gotten asked quite a few times about how to BEST recover after the round.

Oftentimes these questions are paired with, "what do you think of [insert fancy new 'recovery' tool]?"

And here's the deal with almost all of them... They aren't really necessary.

You don't need the latest gadget to help promote recovery. If you have one of them, and you feel it helps you, great keep using it.

But don't feel like you need to spend hundreds on all of these recovery tools.

That being said, I do have THREE necessary ingredients to recovering after a round of golf, but FIRST...

The SINGULAR BEST WAY to recover after a round of golf is to:

Be Proactive and Prepare Your Body for the Sport

The better prepared you are, the less impactful the sport will be on your physical body.

In order to get prepared, you should be strength, speed, and power training multiple times a week.

You should also be walking and remaining active on a daily basis.

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