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Top 10 Training Tips for Golf Off-Season: Part 2

Part 2

Welcome back! Let’s breakdown the last 5 training tips you should take into consideration as we approach the off-season.


6.) Consistency and Intensity

These are two very different things, but we need both of them this off-season.

Looking at the off-season from a holistic viewpoint, we need to be consistent across the entirety of the off-season if we want to reap the rewards of training. This needs to be a priority for our training programs.

I would MUCH RATHER have an athlete train twice a week for 30 minutes each session the entire off-season, than train for an hour everyday for one week, once a month.

Get on a consistent schedule, and stick with it!

Secondly, if we look at our training on a micro level, meaning, the viewpoint of each individual training session, we need intensity.

In order to tap into physical adaptations, we need to bring an element of intensity into our training sessions.

NOW, this doesn’t mean squatting massive weights or working out until we are about to pass out.

Far from it.

It simply means that we need to continually progress our training over the course of the off-season.

If the first week we are goblet squatting a 50 lb dumbbell, the next week we should push a little harder and go for the 60.