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Top 10 Training Tips for Golf Off-Season: Part 2

Part 2

Welcome back! Let’s breakdown the last 5 training tips you should take into consideration as we approach the 2021-2022 Golf Off-Season




6.) Consistency and Intensity

These are two very different things, but we need both of them this off-season.

Looking at the off-season from a holistic viewpoint, we need to be consistent across the entirety of the off-season if we want to reap the rewards of training. This needs to be a priority for our training programs.

I would MUCH RATHER have an athlete train twice a week for 30 minutes each session the entire off-season, than train for an hour everyday for one week, once a month.

Get on a consistent schedule, and stick with it!

Secondly, if we look at our training on a micro level, meaning, the viewpoint of each individual training session, we need intensity.

In order to tap into physical adaptations, we need to bring an element of intensity into our training sessions.

NOW, this doesn’t mean squatting massive weights or working out until we are about to pass out.

Far from it.

It simply means that we need to continually progress our training over the course of the off-season.

If the first week we are goblet squatting a 50 lb dumbbell, the next week we should push a little harder and go for the 60.

If we are jumping, we should be jumping with maximal intent, not just going through the motions.

If we are completing a crawling challenge for time (the SCRATCH Athletes reading this are probably cringing…), we shouldn’t give up just because our shoulders start to burn… we need to push through. We need to reach a point of uncomfortability in order to truly find adaptations and promote growth (kind of goes back to that idea of roaming off the path, but not too far - Tip #3).




7.) Don’t build your golf swing in the weight room

The goal of the training setting (in this case referring to the weight room and the various components of training within it) is not to improve your golf swing from a technical standpoint.

Are you slicer?

I am too some days… We shouldn’t be working to fix that within the weight room. We shouldn’t be completing drills and exercises with the target of “fix my swing," because guess what?

It's not possible.

No, I am not saying your swing is helpless, although after re-reading that previous sentence, that is certainly what it sounds like I am saying.

What I am saying is that you can’t fix your swing within the confines of the weight room. Get a swing coach, head to the range, or go play actual golf. Don’t try to mimic your swing with a rubber band in the weight room.

Spend your time in the weight room developing the underlying physical outputs your swing needs to be successful.

Get stronger. Get more powerful. Gain mobility. Gain stability. And everything in between. This is where the most value can be found within the weight room setting.




8.) Lock in Your Health Habits

Health underlies everything that we do as athletes.

Yes, if you golf, you are an athlete, so I’m talking about you!

There’s no better time than now to lock in your underlying health habits, especially if you have big goals for this off-season!

I could go on and on about the importance of nutrition, sleep, hydration, recovery, stress management, etc.

But, I think most people understand what it means to eat well, hydrate properly, and recover appropriately. If you don’t, reach out and let’s chat!

The important part isn’t understanding what it means to develop these underlying health habits, or why we want them... it’s actually doing it!


As a takeaway, here's what I recommend if you are somebody who needs help tapping into some better health habits.

Every week for the next four weeks, I want you to pick one of the following health habits and really lock it in. Prioritize it!

  • Nutrition

  • Hydration

  • Sleep

  • Activity Levels

Then, after four weeks (you will have gone through every habit once), I want you to pick two of those habits each week for the next four weeks, prioritizing two separate health habits at the same time.

Then, after four more weeks, I want you to pick three habits each week for four weeks… You see where this is progressing to?

Eventually they’ll naturally become habitual parts of your life.


Health underlies everything that we do as athletes. Playing golf and training hard can be tough on our body from a physical standpoint, so make sure you are doing everything you can from a health perspective to maximize recovery and performance.




9.) Don’t listen to Social Media Influencers

I suppose this one is a little hypocritical, because you are reading this and many would consider me to be some form of an influencer… Although, let’s be real, I feel like there’s a follower threshold that you need to meet to get that title, and no chance am I there yet.

The amount of garbage I see in the “golf training” world on social media is ridiculous.

Practitioners trying to get clicks by showing off a bosu ball - band resisted - medicine ball - supinated - rotational slam… barf.

Practitioners demonstrating a clam shell and other glute “activation” exercises… barf x2.

Practitioners trying to bring CrossFit into the golf training space… barf x3.

Of course, there are plenty out there doing social media super well, and producing quality content. But, it’s often hard to dissociate the good from the bad, so what should you do?

Get a quality coach.

Be it virtual or in-person. This needs to be somebody you trust and who offers quality training, information, and helps you discover the results you are seeking!

And that leads me to the final TRAINING TIP.

*** Insert drum roll ***




10.) Cheeky Plug… Join the SCRATCH Golf Training Community

For the final training tip, I would be remissed if I didn't plug the all-new, groundbreaking golf training platform, SCRATCH Golf Training.

We provide golfers of ALL AGES and ABILITIES with everything they need to maximize their training and take their games to a new level!

+ Updated monthly training program every single month!

+ 3 Week Golf Mobility Challenge

+ Self-Assessment Tools and Tracking

+ Daily coaching access and free monthly/weekly consultations

+ Pre-Golf Warm-Up Options


Go check it out for yourself, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!

Let’s have a great, productive off-season!

And, as always... let’s go low!




Coach Carter Schmitz, CSCS, TPI

Founder: SCRATCH Golf Training