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Top 10 Training Tips for the Golf Off-Season: Part 1

I was driving from Minneapolis to Milwaukee earlier this week and I couldn’t believe it, but there were some leaves already turning colors for the coming fall.

And this got me thinking…

As tough as it is to hear, the golf off-season draws near for me and my fellow Midwesterners.

And then I asked myself, what are the 10 most important things golfers need to know before the depths of the off-season falls upon us.

Let's dive in.


1.) The Goal Isn’t to Lift Weights

Now, of course lifting weights SHOULD play a large role in your off-season program, but the goal of training isn’t to lift weights. The goal of training isn’t to max out our back squat or bench press.

It’s deeper than that.

Lifting weights and throwing med balls are just tools that we use to uncover our true goals.

So, what are your goals?

This is where your off-season should start.