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So... You want to hit nukes off the tee?

Don't we all.

Here's 5 MUST HAVE golf exercises that you should have in your weekly training program.

And, I am going to be honest up front.

They aren't fancy.

They aren't some creative, groundbreaking exercise that I randomly came up with the other day at the gym to get likes on IG.

But, do check out my IG and follow if you aren't already ;)

The exercises shown below aren't really "exercises" as much as they are categories of exercises.

We should never get tied to a certain exercise while training.

We need to consistently change the exercises we utilize in order to apply novel stimulus and stress to the body... building resilience!

Quick Summary of the 5 Must-Have Exercises:

  1. Swing Fast

  2. Squat

  3. Horizontal Press

  4. Vertical Pull

  5. Hinge