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So... You want to hit nukes off the tee?

Don't we all.

Here's 5 MUST HAVE golf exercises that you should have in your weekly training program.

And, I am going to be honest up front.

They aren't fancy.

They aren't some creative, groundbreaking exercise that I randomly came up with the other day at the gym to get likes on IG.

But, do check out my IG and follow if you aren't already ;)

The exercises shown below aren't really "exercises" as much as they are categories of exercises.

We should never get tied to a certain exercise while training.

We need to consistently change the exercises we utilize in order to apply novel stimulus and stress to the body... building resilience!

Quick Summary of the 5 Must-Have Exercises:

  1. Swing Fast

  2. Squat

  3. Horizontal Press

  4. Vertical Pull

  5. Hinge



Grab a speed stick, PVC pipe, or golf club and SWING IT AS FAST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.

If you want to hit the ball further, you have to (at least in part) increase your clubhead speed.

The best way to increase your clubhead speed is to swing fast.

Check out this YouTube Video for a specific speed training session I did that you can try out too!

SECONDLY... Squats.

No doubt, squats are a top 5 exercise when it comes to improving our physical body and increasing distance on the golf course.

They come in so many different shapes and sizes...

  • Bilateral squats

  • Split squats

  • Pistol squats

  • RFE Split Squats

  • Skater Squats

  • Step ups (yes, a form of squat)

  • Dumbbell

  • Barbell

  • Safety bar

Squats will improve your lower body strength as well as your ability to produce force.

One of the most important components of clubhead speed is ground reaction forces (GRFs), or your bodies ability to interact and utilize the ground to create force.

Squats won't directly improve this characteristic in your swing, but they do give you a greater force potential or reserve to pull from.

Here are two squat options for ya...

3-4 Sets. 5-8 Reps.

[1.] Barbell Back Squats

[2.] DB RFE Split Squats

THIRDLY... Horizonal Pressing.

Push ups. Barbell Bench Press. DB Bench Press. Floor press.

The horizontal pressing movement strengthens the upper body, and more specifically the pecs.

Most movements within this pattern will force the shoulder joint to stabilize large loads while simultaneously taking it through large ranges of motion.

All of this adds up to a more resilient, higher force-producing upper body.

Here's two variations for ya...

3-4 Sets. 5-8 Reps.

[1.] Band Resisted/Bodyweight Push Up

[2.] Barbell Bench Press Clusters


Pull ups. Lat Pulldowns. Hanging from a pullup bar.

Vertical pulling exercises like these and those shown below will strengthen our lat muscles, which are the big muscles running down both sides of your back.

They're crucial muscles for your golf swing and developing rotational power as a whole.

Therefore, building strength and resilience within the lats is important.

Furthermore, exercises like these do wonders for shoulder health.

They stress the joint through large ranges of motion and force it to stabilize our movement - GREAT THINGS!

Here's two options for ya...

3-4 Sets. 8-12 Reps.

[1.] Pull-Ups

[2.] Lat Pulldowns


Single and double leg RDLs. Deadlifts. Glute Bridges.

The posterior chain is another critical component of a resilient and high performing body.

Our posterior chain consists of our glutes, hamstrings, and low back. I also throw our lats and calves into the equation because of the myofascial connections that exist on our backside.

These muscles contribute a ton to your golf swing, helping you swing it faster and remain injury free!

Here's two options for ya...

3-4 Sets. 5-8 Reps.

[1.] DB Single Leg RDL

[2.] Barbell RDL


5 MUST HAVE Golf Exercises for more distance on the course:

  1. Swing fast.

  2. Squats.

  3. Horizontal Pressing.

  4. Vertical Pulling.

  5. Hinge.

Make sure they're all in your training program.

And if they're not, one easy way to make sure they will be moving forward is to become a SCRATCH Athlete and join one of our various golf-athlete development training programs.

Let's go low!

Carter Schmitz


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