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"Train hard, fight easy" - What the Golf Fitness World Should Takeaway from Tiger's Night

Tiger Woods got inducted into the Hall of Fame his past Wednesday 3/9/22.

It was an incredible evening in which we all got to re-witness some of his greatest shots, feats, and moments.

He was the reason I picked up a club, and haven't put it down since.

I'm sure many others can say the same.

"Train Hard, Fight Easy"

Sam Woods (Tiger's daughter) was the first one to throw out this quote during her extraordinary introduction of her dad.

Apparently, it's a saying that Tiger's dad would tell him often, and he has since passed it down to his kids.

It is rooted in military thought process.

Work hard during practice, training, and preparation, then when it is time to step into battle, it's a piece of cake.

You've already done the hard part in your practice and training... playing or fighting is now easy.

This concept and ideology was clearly present amongst Tiger's whole career:

  • His intense practice schedule

  • His crazy high volume of workouts

  • His wanting-ness to practice in the hardest conditions (I read something once that whenever it rained, he went out to the range to practice in that condition)

Tiger portrayed the notion of "Train hard, fight easy."

How can we relate this idea to training?

I'm not saying I want you training like the Green Beret Tiger's dad was.

Or even running 8 miles a day like Tiger did.

BUT, at the foundation of this ideology is the notion of PREPARATION and exposing yourself to stress in order to thrive amongst future stress.


That's what we do here at SCRATCH.

Progressively stress our bodies physically, to create adaptation, become stronger, more resilient, and adaptable.

"Train hard, fight easy."

Don't mind if we do Tiger.

A few Tiger Stats for Fun

To wrap up this article I am going to throw out three of my favorite Tiger stats of all time because, no matter how many times you see them and try to comprehend them, they never get less ridiculous...

[1.] From 1997-2013 Tiger was 126 UNDER par in the majors. The next closest was 125 OVER par... that's 251 strokes. How is that possible?

[2.] The Tiger Slam... Tiger won the 2000 US Open, PGA, Open Championship (British Open?), and then the 2001 Masters and Players Championship.

[3.] A list of wild Tiger stats isn't complete without the consecutive cuts made record... it was 142. Absurd.

Let's go low.

Carter Schmitz