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Training Highlights... Part 1

I don't just work with golfers.

Weekly, I get the opportunity to train athletes of many sports such as football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, and soccer.

I want to take this blog post and share some of the training content I've produced of them over the last few weeks.

I want you to notice one big thing...


At SCRATCH, golfers train like athletes.

Here's what it looks like...

Building Outputs

All athletes need to develop a larger base of outputs.

They need a bigger engine.

Golfers, football players, baseball athletes, you name it, bigger outputs will help them perform.

Here's a glimpse into a few ways that we go about doing that!

To tag along with that idea of building outputs, there's a reason at SCRATCH we change up primary strength lifts often.

One month we prioritize back squats.

The next split squats.

For some programs, it's even week by week.

Building ADAPTABLE outputs...

Building ADAPTABLE movers...


It's not just golfers that benefit from loading the transverse plane.

All athletes require a degree of rotational strength.

This is Jack, a collegiate defensive lineman.

Play after play, he takes on blockers from all angles.

He needs an abundance of pass rush moves.

Tackles ball carriers.

Doing all of this requires large amounts of force production out of the transverse plane.

So, just like golfers, we use rotational loading exercises like this one...

Expressing Outputs

At the end of the day, as athletes, our goal is to express our outputs in a way that solves the problems presented by our sport.

Therefore, it's not enough to simply build a bigger output base, but we need to apply them into problem solving tasks.

For golfers, a speed swing is probably the BEST form of expressing outputs.

However, expressing outputs in NUMEROUS ways is going to help all athletes expand their toolbox.

Here's a few other ways we have recently attempted to EXPRESS our outputs in training...


Just like my athletes you see throughout the videos above, golfers are athletes.

At SCRATCH, golfers train like athletes, because they are athletes.

Join the community to level up...

Carter Schmitz