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Upper Body Exercises for Golfers

Seems like everybody is talking about ground reaction forces and how you are using your lower body to hit bombs on the golf course...

The upper body needs a little love to.

It's a crucial piece to the puzzle!


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Why the upper body is important to your swing?

First, it creates force.

Our muscles pull on bones to create force.

When they work synergistically to complete an action, we get a holistic net force acting on and through the body.

The lower body initiates the force of your golf swing.

The upper body takes that force, and grows it by creating some of it's own.

People often speak derogatory of a golf swing that's "too armsy" or "too upper body," which, while it's true we need to properly time the force creation in the upper body, our arms aren't simply limp noodles along for the ride.

They create force.

Lot's of it.

Make sure you're upper body is strong enough to not only absorb and pass the force you create in the lower body, but also make some of it's own.

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Carter Schmitz





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