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Walk More. Perceive More. Love Golf.

I am a big proponent of walking the golf course while playing.

Outside of the obvious physical activity increase, walking allows me to connect with the course and nature on such a deeper level.

It allows me to look around, to take in the sights and smells.

To feel the sunshine on my arms.

Maybe that sounds hippie-ish, but I believe there is a golf performance advantage as well.

As I walk up to the green I can see and feel how the ground below me is sloping.

I can take in more information that the golf course is providing me.

One topic I explored in great depth while working with football athletes years ago is the presence of perceptual-action coupling within our athletic ability.

To put it simply, we absorb information from the environment and create motor patterns that solve the problems it presents.

While this idea may feel more prominent in a sport like football that is reactive and extremely dynamic, I believe the same principles can apply to the golf world.

We need to take in the information that the hole is providing us.

We will then act on our perception of that information.

And the "perceptual" part, may be the most important.