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Warming Up Shouldn't Be Complex

This is something that makes me mad...

Every other day I see an Instagram "golf fitness" coach showcase some complex af rotational band exercise with the caption...

"Use these to warm-up on the range before your next round!"

But, here's the thing, warming-up shouldn't be complex.


Have you ever tried a new exercise and felt like an uncoordinated giraffe?

One of the major ways we can challenge our athleticism and movement ability is by exposing it to novel exercises - which we will make use of often at SCRATCH!

However, we shouldn't be exposing ourselves to novel exercises on the range before a round of golf or a practice session.

First, it takes too much time to figure out how to complete the exercise.

Secondly, it takes precious motor learning energy to learn a new exercise.

We're at the course or range to play golf, not warm-up, drop the complexity and let's keep it simple.