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What it means to TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE.

How would you describe the ideal athlete?

Would she be tall? Muscular? Strong?

Would he have a 6 pack?

Would she be able to jump high and run fast?

What sport does he/she play?

What position?

These questions are nearly impossible to answer.

The ideal athlete is extremely context dependent.

Phil Mickelson just won the PGA Championship awhile back. What would happen if you put him at cornerback lined up across from Davante Adams?

Yuka Saso just won the US Women’s Open a few weeks ago. What would happen if she tried to guard Breanna Stewart on the basketball court?

Even if we just look at the sport of golf and ask, what do the best golfers’ athletic profiles look like?

Dustin Johnson is very different from Colin Morikawa.

Rickie is different from Rory.

Compare Phil and Tiger from 15 years ago… Very different athletic builds.

But yet, these are all very successful golfers.