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What we should learn from the 2022 Players...

I hope many of you watched the Player's Championship this past week.

Congrats to Cam Smith!

What a final round he put together!

In my opinion, Saturday was one of, if not the, most entertaining round of golf I've ever watched on TV.

Wind gusting to 40 mph + and water EVERYWHERE.

Keegan Bradley said after the round that he hit his 9-Iron 208 downwind and 85 into the wind.

JT walked off his last green of the day appearing EXHAUSTED. He went bogey free and 3 under par in what was maybe THE most impressive round of golf I've seen.

Bubba went four under par, and bogey free, but the broadcast barely showed him which is a bummer, I would have loved to see how he was shaping the ball.


What can we learn from this week?

* Specifically referring to the Saturday rounds that took place in the harsh conditions. *

The most skillful golfers are those with the most abundant and adaptable motor problem solving abilities.

JT and Bubba are amongst the most creative in their shot shaping and creativity on the course.

They have a way of being artists around the golf course.

They hit golf shots... they don't take golf swings.

For example, when hitting into the 17th island green, 135 yards away, and into a 30 mph wind, what club do they hit? How do they hit it? Where is there aiming point? What is there attentional focus over the ball?

How is their swing going to adapt to the shot shape they are trying to play?

For these guys they HAD to flight the ball, or else it got beat up by the wind.

The shot determined the swing they were forced to take.

And then they had to do this for 18 holes, hitting different shots, adapting to the environmental constraints, and solving the problems that existed in front of them.

So, what is the learning point for the average golfer like you and me?

I'm a 9 handicap.

I can't shape the ball like Bubba or flight the ball like JT.

But, I can learn form the adaptability that these guys showcased on Saturday.

Next time on the range, I am going to explore the limits of my golf swing.

I am going to try to hit different shots, and create problems for myself that I must solve.

I am going to try to hit the middle of the face with a slightly stronger grip than normal... then a weaker one.

I will experiment with a slightly wider stance and narrower stance.

I'll move the ball back in my stance a little and try to hit a few flighted balls.

Then I'll move it up and try to sky a few.

And amongst all of these different problems that I present myself, I will be simultaneously finding solutions and building adaptability into my swing. I will be expanding the breadth of my swing, and golf problem solving ability.

The enemy of consistency is not variability... in fact, they work together.

I'll leave you with this string of tweets I threw out this past Sunday to dwell on.

Go get some practice in... the season is coming.

Let's go low!

Carter Schmitz