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WRIST FUNCTION... It's Underrated.

In order to hit a golf ball you need to transfer energy into the golf ball.

In order to do so, we need to transfer energy into the golf club.

ALL ENERGY is transferred into the golf club through our hands as they are the only thing touching the golf club.

All energy gets transferred into our hands through our wrists - making the joint/segment a fairly important piece of the kinetic chain that is your golf swing!

Point is... wrist function is important.

Let's improve yours.


To begin, let's understand the biomechanics of your wrist during the golf swing.

Note: These are the general biomechanics we see in the golf swing. There are many ways to swing a golf club and yours could differ slightly.


During the backswing, the trailing wrist moves into large ranges of extension and abduction.

The leading wrist moves into flexion primarily as well as some minor abduction.


During the downswing the trailing wrist remains in that extended position through impact and moves into an adducted position through impact. Similarly, the leading wrist remains in it's flexed position through impact and moves into minor levels of adduction close to impact.

Further, it's important to note that large forces are present that must be absorbed by the wrists in these positions at impact. Cutting through the turf requires strong and stable wrists, and many golf swing require this strength/stability at an extreme range of motion.