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Welcome to Your Training Toolbox

On this page you will find access to every training tool within your toolbox. 

Not a SCRATCH Athlete yet? Get access to all of this, and more, by joining the SCRATCH Golf Training Community! 

Already a SCRATCH Athlete? Access your training program.

Daily 6 Minute Golf Mobility Routine

Wake up everyday with me, and follow along 6 Minute Mobility Routine developed specifically for golfers and rotational athletes alike!

Self Assessment Guide and Tracking

Test your movement abilities with our self-assessment tool. 

Then track your progress over time to see your improved movement abilities!

Coaching Access

As a SCRATCH athlete, you get access to Coach Carter daily to ask questions, break down exercise form, or simply connect!

SCRATCH Weekly Golf Insider

Access to an exclusive training tips, content,, and community news regarding becoming your best self (and golfer).

3 Week Mobility Program

Need a little extra mobility? 

As a SCRATCH athlete, you get access to a 3 week mobility program that will uncover new movement possibilities! Check it out below!

Pre-Golf Warm-Up Options

Warming up before playing golf is necessary!

As an athlete, you get options to maximize yours.


Check them out by "Joining" the "Pre-Golf Warm-Up Options" Training program found at the link below!

Image by Markus Spiske

Access Your Training Program on Your Phone!

To access your training program on your phone, follow the input directions below!

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