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Golf Fitness Equipment... MUST HAVES!

People are always writing about golf equipment (clubs, balls, etc.) and rightly so... I take it all in!

Today we are talking about GOLF FITNESS EQUIPMENT.

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Golf fitness equipment are tools that help you develop physically and athletically. It could simply be called, exercise equipment, or athletic development equipment.

It consists of dumbbells, barbells, bands, medicine balls, etc. which are all tools we make use of throughout our SCRATCH training programs in order to help you complete exercises that will create positive adaptations.

For example, when completing a barbell split squat, as seen below, the barbell and additional weight added to it functions as the loading stimulus in order to challenge our muscles and body to create more force, and get stronger!

We could still complete this exercise without the additional golf fitness equipment (barbell, weights, squat rack), however we would be limited in the amount of stress and loading we can apply to our body.

And, as I have discussed in past articles, stress creates adaptations which improves our athleticism!

Stress is a great thing!

Where do I buy golf fitness equipment?

There are two ways to access more fitness equipment.

  1. Buy it and find a spot in your home for it

  2. Join a gym

These can both be very effective options, it just depends on the context of your specific situation.

If you are getting fitness equipment for your home, there are many options for where you can purchase equipment from, and the most important thing - buy quality!

Exercise equipment can take a beating through the use of it.

They collect sweat, get slammed around, and collect wear-and-tear.

Read reviews about products and company's.

Check out for equipment reviews and lists of buyers.

I'll give some options below on where to buy certain pieces of equipment from!

Level 1: Under $100

If you are going for a cost-effective and versatile training tool, bands are your best bet.

Head on over to to get yours!

If you are looking for a specific package over there that I recommend, check out the following...

Level 2: ~$500

Prioritize the bands, but then add some adjustable dumbbells too.

Here's a big list of options...

These are super versatile and will allow you to complete many additional exercises on top of the bands.

If you are building a home gym, bands and dumbbells are by far my top two priorities.

Level 3: ~$1000+

Last step would be getting a full squat rack, with pull-up bar, barbell, and weights.

The full sh-bang would run you at least $1000 bucks.


There are many squat rack options to choose from, and the context surrounding your training needs, space availability, and equipment usage will determine which rack is best for you! Below I'll give you a couple options...

I've also used an older version of the squat rack linked below, which while I wouldn't recommend it for a professional powerlifter, it is a very quality rack for everything most golfers need - it even has a landmine attachment!


Rogue Barbells are amongst the highest quality you can get... but they're also a touch more expensive.

Bells of Steel makes a quality barbell as well...

Weight Plates

I highly recommend rubber plates as they are nicer to use and less damaging on floors, walls, and other surfaces they may collide with.

Something like these... Bells of Steel Rubber Plates

Or check out for quality reviews on all things at-home equipment.

With bands, DBs, and a squat rack/pull up bar/weights you have access to nearly EVERYTHING you need to maximize your gains!


[1.] Slam medicine balls.

Slamming and throwing medicine balls is amongst my top power related exercises.

Here's a good option...

I recommend getting one in the 8-15 lb range.

[2.] Kettlebells.

These are pretty replaceable with dumbbells, but do offer a few additional exercise options.

Something like these.

[3.] Workout Bench.

Something like THIS.




Hope that was helpful in creating your toolbox of golf fitness!

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions!

Note, the only product I shared with you today that I actually have tried and tested are the bands shared in Level 1 and the Proform Squat Rack.

Everything else was linked to show examples of what I type of equipment I was mentioning!

If you have specific questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Let's go low!

Carter Schmitz


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