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Roughly 3 years ago, I had some grumpy shoulders.

I couldn't vertically press without some serious modifications or range of motion limitations.

It persisted.

It stuck around for ~7 months.

I'm now pressing pain free and more weight than I've ever lifted before.

Let's walk through my shoulder pain journey together.

What I tried that DID NOT Work

To get out of pain I initially tried many of the more "traditional" philosophies and thought processes.

2-to-1 pull-to-push ratio

Up first was the classic 2-to-1 pull-to-push ratio training that is recommended by "experts."

They say that shoulder pain happens because we do too much pressing and anterior based movement and not enough rowing or pulling.

So, I started doing a TON of rowing and pulling.

But, here's the thing... rowing and pulling works the shoulder joint in a way that is asynchronous with the pain I was experiencing. I was in no way building adaptations to support and reverse the pain I was feeling.

I was just strengthening muscles on the other side of the body and maybe adding some stability and juice to the joint.