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If you are looking for some rotational lunge bs while holding a golf club, you came to the wrong place.

We train like athletes here.

Like humans looking to level up physically.

"Golf-specific" is unbelievably misused in the golf fitness world.

See what I mean within this article linked below.

Find the 20 minute training sesh below.





WARM-UP ~ 3 Minutes

Continuous stopwatch.

3 Rounds

Pogos... 3x20 seconds

Downdog Push Ups... 3x20 seconds

Bodyweight Squats... 3x20 seconds

STRENGTH ~ 10-12 Minutes

2 DB Squat ISO (LOAD EM UP)... 3x30 seconds

Happy Baby Rolls... 3x5 rolls each direction

BB / DB RDL (LOAD EM UP)... 3x8

DB Bent Over Row... 3x8 each arm

MOVE BETTER ~ 3 Minutes

Crawling Accumulation Challenge... Accumulate 3 total minutes of crawling is as few sets as possible. You pick the variation and feel free to switch it up amongst the 3 minutes!

ISO FINISHER ~ 2 Minutes

Split Squat ISO... 1x1 min each side




Carter Schmitz


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