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3 Steps to Training Around Back Pain

Back pain can be unbearable.

It can throw a wrench in your exercise routine.

It can cause you to say "I'm just going to take today off."


In this article, I want to talk about how we should be approaching training with back pain, and then, 3 exercises you can make use of to train around it.


Like all of my articles in which I discuss pain and injury, please go see a doc if your specific context calls for it.

None of this is meant to replace medical advice, but hopefully you find some value in the content, thoughts, and discussion!


What is PAIN?

First, it is important that we understand chronic pain probably isn't what you think it is.

It's not an indication of being broken.

It's not an issue with your posture.

And it's definitely not a sign that you should stop training.

Pain is unbelievably complex.

It's a combination of internal and external stressors that, when heightened too much or exposed to us in ways that we are ill prepared for, can cause pain.

These stressors include physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and even social, all accumulating and amou