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5 Challenging Bodyweight Exercises for Golfers

Many golfers choose to workout at home, and I don't blame them!

Between the commute to the gym, the time spent chatting with some random guy who just wants to tell you how much he benched yesterday, and the waiting around for a rack to open up... the gym can be very time unfriendly.

That being said, it does have one thing that most don't have access to at home - weight.

In order to progress our strength levels, we need to eventually load the body.

Therefore, I hope you have outfitted your home gym with some equipment, if you haven't, check out THIS ARTICLE where I discuss the most important (relative to cost) equipment you should be buying!

All of this being said, much improvement can be made at home using nothing but your bodyweight!

Bodyweight DOES NOT Mean Not Challenging.

Bodyweight exercises can be very difficult.

Just because we aren't loading the body, doesn't mean we aren't challenging the body.

With a proper understanding of the human body, it's weaker positions, and levers, we can complete bodyweight exercises that prove to be VERY difficult.

I've had my collegiate football athletes do these 5 exercises below and they STRUGGLED.

Hopefully you won't too much!