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At SCRATCH, we try to devote 50% of our training programs to the at-home exerciser.

I understand that many golfers out there enjoy the effeciency and cost effectiveness of working out at home.

If you are an at-home exerciser, having bands is a must!

They're versatile, inexpensive, and joint friendly.

Check out the article below for my full breakdown on bands as an exercise tool!

When Working Out At-Home...

It's important to understand two things:

[1.] It is tougher to promote strength adaptations.

By no means is it impossible!

But it's a little tougher dependent on the equipment available.

That being said, we have to get creative about placing novel and progressive loads on the body.

Grab a heavier band.

Grip the band lower to increase tension.

Hold two dumbbells instead of 1.

Hold the isometric for longer.

Complete slower reps.