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9 of the Best Core Exercises for Golfers

Golfers of all ages and abilities should be working to strengthen their core. The core contains some critical muscles for golf performance, creating clubhead speed, and building resilience/longevity.

However, there are many misconceptions about "core" training that I want to knock out of the park before discussing how we go about it at SCRATCH.


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First, the core is not THAT important

When I talk to golfers about what I do, oftentimes it's one of the first things they think of.

"So you help strengthen golfers' core and stuff?"

Yes, I suppose I do... but it's not important enough to get it's own shout out.

The core is simply a collection of muscles around the spine, just like those around the knee, or around the shoulder.

Strengthening the core is important... but it's not any more important than strengthening the lower body, upper body, or every other muscle in the body.

Second, the core is more than what you see in the mirror.

Your core wraps around your body.

It's not simply the washboard abs you see in the mirror.