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Golf Fitness for Seniors

Humans are adaptable.

Meaning, we adapt to the stressors that our body absorbs.

And this includes even the most experienced of athletes.

Here's the highlights of the article if you're low on time today...

  1. If you golf, you're an athlete. You should be training like one no matter your age.

  2. If you're a human, you adapt to stress, therefore we need to apply some! BUT, there are a few things we should be doing if you are an aging athlete.

  3. Bunch of exercises YOU SHOULD BE DOING no matter your age!


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Yes, you!

I'm talking to you!

I don't care how old or young you are.

If you golf, you're an athlete, and you should be training like one.

This doesn't mean squatting 315 and deadlifting 405.

It means training your body to move better, feel better, and be more athletic in nature.

It means preparing your body for the demands of your sport... the best sport in the world... GOLF!





Training is all about applying stress to the body.

For example...

A squat applies stress to our lower body (and upper body in many ways) that we need to overcome in the short term and will adapt to in the long term.

A push up applies a stress to our upper body.

A jump applies a velocity based stress to our lower body.

For older athletes, you don't need some magical "joint friendly" exercises.

You need to squat.

You need to lunge.

You need to push.

You need to pull.

You need to rotate.

You need to resist rotation, flexion, and extension.

These are all fundamental movement patterns that I would give athletes of any age wishing to level up their physical potential.

Now, here's the difference...

As an older athlete, or somebody just returning to training, you need to scale back the stress associated with these movements initially.

That could be as simple as starting with doing them all in a bodyweight manner (or a super light external load).

Or limiting your range of motion during the movements.

Or completing the movements slower.

These are all ways that we can scale back the stress associated with the exercises.

Then as your body adapts, which it will, you need to begin increasing the stress you're applying to the body.

A heavier dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, or band.

A larger range of motion.

A greater intent and speed of movement.



You'll notice... these aren't any different than what I would program for all other athletes.

The stress levels are just scaled back slightly.

Lower Body

Bodyweight Squats

Cossack Squats


Band Pallof Rotation

Cat-Cow Variations

Upper Body

Assisted Push Up Options

Band Single Arm Bent Over Row


There you have it.

I don't care what your age is.

You can create adaptations and level up who you are as an athlete and more holistic human!

Remove some stress initially.

Add it back over time.

Become a better athlete.

Hit bombs.

Achieve greater golf performance.

Let's go low.

Carter Schmitz, CSCS, TPI








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