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9 Exercises you NEED in your Golf Training

Golf fitness - I prefer to call it golf TRAINING - is becoming more and more popular.

And with this popularity comes TONS of information on social media.

Floods of exercises, hacks, tricks, tips, and everything else you need to know to improve your fitness as it relates to the sport of golf.

But here's the thing - so much of it lacks actual VALUE.

What should your golf exercises look like?

For the most part, your golf fitness exercises should NOT look like the golf swing - except for speed swings!

The goal of weight room exercises is to create physical adaptations that will support our golf practice and performance.

The goal is NOT to mimic the golf swing in the hopes that it will improve.

Now, there is an element of specificity in training - meaning that we want to create physical adaptations that support our golf swing.

We want to create strength, power, and force production based adaptations.

We should be including exercises that grow muscle, improve the function of the body as a whole, and support higher movement velocity.

Let's talk about 9 exercises that will TRULY HELP YOUR GOLF PERFORMANCE!