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How much speed can you GAIN this off-season?

Well, it depends.

What is speed worth?

Every 1 mph gain in clubhead speed you create, gives you an additional 2.5 yards off the tee.

So, if I currently swing with 120 mph, and I can increased it to 125, I'll gain ~12.5 yards off the tee.

Which is huge!

I would love to have one less club into every green.

More speed does more than add driving distance too...

  1. It works through the bag and allows you to hit irons, hybrids, and woods longer

  2. It allows you to create more spin with wedges

  3. It gives you more strategic options - going for a par 5 in two, covering a hazard you previously couldn't, etc.

From a health and longevity perspective, I would argue more speed actually makes you MORE RESILIENT to injury.

But, Carter, if I am swinging faster, I am bound to get hurt, just look at Bryson.

A golf swing is a violent and impactful motion, you know who else got hurt this last season? Hideki Matsuyama, Harris English, Lanto Griffin, Mito Pereira, Will Zalatoris, the list goes on and on...

It's impossible to point towards on singular cause of an injury - and that goes for all non-contact sport injuries.

They are complex. They are multifactorial.

Anyway, back to the original point of the article... SPEED GAINS.